Te Hāpai Ō

‘The leader at the front, the workers in the back’

Our Te Hāpai Ō programme is focussed on driving and supporting the success of our people at Te Tari Taiwhenua to deliver great outcomes for Aotearoa by securing better tools to enable us to efficiently manage our money and our people, deliver on our central responsibilities, like health and safety, and respond to changing needs.

Implementation of Rehutai, our new finance system

In 2020/21 we have been focussed on Pūnaha Whakahaere Tahua; improving our financial systems, processes and capabilities across the organisation so we can manage our money better and more efficiently, helping us focus more on strategic outcomes.

Previously Inland Revenue provided accounts payable and accounts receivable services to Internal Affairs through support and access to their SAP financial system. Planning through the 2020/21 year enabled this outsourced arrangement to terminate on 30 June 2021 and implementation of our new system – Rehutai – from 12 July 2021 (an Oracle-based system) allows Internal Affairs to now hold all its financial capability under one system.

  • implemented GPS fleet monitoring to encourage and support safe driving, and
  • successfully delivered training to 15 Senior Leaders within Internal Affairs to support our goal of lifting governance and leadership capabilities of our leaders.

Wellbeing, health and safety

We have established our multi-year Wellbeing, Health & Safety Maturity Uplift Programme which focuses on empowering our people to play a more active role in health and safety initiatives, lifting governance and leadership capabilities of our leaders, and managing our health and safety risks more effectively.

We have a unique and diverse range of health, safety and wellbeing risks. With this in mind, the first phase of this programme includes the establishment of a fully resourced wellbeing health and safety team, and the engagement and commitment of the Executive Leadership Team.

The new Health & Safety team are committed to supporting Internal Affairs in a more consistent and sustainable way. We are focused on understanding that our core risks and associated needs include the development and transition of the Ministry for Ethnic Communities’ health and safety management system.

Incidents and hazards reporting

We are actively working on improving the data accuracy and reporting process for our incidents and hazards. The current reporting system within Internal Affairs doesn’t lend itself to these incidents being coded effectively (Hazard vs Incident) when they are submitted by the user. This is a high priority of the Wellbeing Health & Safety Maturity Uplift programme. In addition, with the increased capacity within the Safety & Wellbeing team, further education will be able to be provided to kaimahi.

32 The Ministry for Ethnic Communities became a departmental agency with effect from 1 July 2021.