Our investment and asset performance

Internal Affairs continues to invest in our digital assets as part of our medium-term plan to modernise services. These investments are heavily focussed around digital platforms and cloud capability, to ensure our staff can build on their flexible and collaborative working practices and our public facing services becoming more flexible, secure and data driven.

The investments include digital collaboration software, a seamless network experience, and technology that is available for all people to work from home. This flexible environment is well valued by our kaimahi.

The majority of our people could work remotely, while many essential workers were still able to access the office safely. More specifically, during FY 20/21 there were some Level 3 lockdowns in Auckland where we had almost 1,600 staff working remotely at the peak.

Asset condition performance narrowly missed target this year due to resourcing constraints across our supplier base. This was due to the tight workforce market, driven by the national border restrictions in place this year due to COVID-19.

No additional works outside of critical/reactive maintenance and approved planned preventative maintenance works were undertaken during COVID-19 L4 and L3 lockdowns in any regions. This was due to following Government guidelines of closing our buildings (AL4) and reducing any possible spread of the virus through people movements (AL3), Tradespeople were included in following guidelines to stay at home and to reduce movements not deemed essential.

Major works require detailed planning and funding, and both are unable to be accessed in the short notice period that a snap lockdown gives.

All buildings were given a deep-clean under Level 3 to prepare for staff to return to work sites. Cleaners are an essential service and are able to work in AL3.

Property Investment Programme

A four-year $60 million asset replacement and renewal programme responding to our building assets and components having reached or passed their useful physical and/or economic life was initiated during this year. This covers buildings across New Zealand in Auckland, Taupō, Whanganui, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. These include Archival and Library facilities, a Harbourmaster site and two Ministerial properties.

These replacements and upgrades help us provide a safe and secure and fit for purpose workplace environment for our people, reduce the risk of operational failure and reduce the risk of damage to, or loss of taonga.